Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies!

S01WS03 - Teatime with Bengt

December 5, 2020

This episode of Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies: Whine & Spirits Edition! Tommy and Jin have a nice conversation.

Non-exhaustive list of topics this episode:
- Improv games
- Jin's previous D&D game
- The evolution of Bambi
- Holiday gifts of yore
- Film, TV, and videogame recommendations
- Thanksgiving
- Sneki Snek
- Strahd must die tonight!

Cast & Credits:
- Producer, Editor & DM: Scott
- Editor & Bambi: Jin
- Social Media Manager & Greg: DeSombre
- Bengt: Tommy
- Sanjana: Lena
- Music: Taylor Calise
- Art: Jon Bliss (
- Recorded on our Discord server by Craigbot! (
- Photo Credit: Jin

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