Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies!

S01WS07 - Dungeon Master’s Guide Book Club

February 13, 2021

This episode of Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies: Whine & Spirits Edition! Scott and Tommy have a nice conversation.

Non-exhaustive list of topics this episode:

  • 3rd time's a charm

  • Scott's hot take on Warlocks

  • H'Kler Paladin of Vengeance and Iravel The Blood Hunter

  • Thoughts on the end of the Night on the Town Arc

  • Tommy's reaction in episode 3

  • Devils v. Demons

  • What does Bengt look like when he eats

  • What bones look like

  • Call of Cthulhu mechanics

  • Tommy's college courseload

  • Jin and Desombre are streaming tonight!

  • Thoughts on the show so far

  • New unearthed Arcana

  • Kombucha

  • Submit your NPC names!

  • Fandoms!

Cast & Credits:

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