Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies!

S01E04 - Riiise up!

October 31, 2020

This episode of Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies! The party goes through some... changes!

"In obedience to your will, I rise, your humble organ, with the hope of executing a part of the system of public mourning which you have been pleased to adopt, commemorative of the death of the most illustrious and most beloved personage this country has ever produced; and which, while it transmits to posterity your sense of the awful event, faintly represents your knowledge of the consummate excellence you so cordially honor."

Lee, Henry. “A Funeral Oration, on the Death of General Washington. Delivered in Philadelphia, at the Request of Congress.” Boston, 1799: Printed for Joseph Nancrede And Manning & Loring. Retrieved from:

Cast & Credits:
- Producer, Editer & DM: Scott
- Editer & Bambi: Jin
- Social Media Manager & Greg: DeSombre
- Bengt: Tommy
- Sanjana: Lena
- Music: Taylor Calise
- Art: Jon Bliss ( )
- Recorded on our Discord server by Craigbot! ( )

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